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SecureMepis™ is a hardened version of the Mepis™ Operating System with admnistration, support, training, and hardware virtualization strategically positioned to Right-Size the Enterprise™

The CDAssembler application delivers a .NET app server on a CD or DVD for distribution and offline security for government or commercial organizations.

SecureMepis™ Drop-ons
Pre-configured and security hardened .NET, J2EE, DNS, eMail, and IDS solutions for virtural or physical SecureMepis installations.

DNSSEC Offline Signing Application™
The DNSSEC Offline Signing Application™ is a .NET application distributed on CDAssember™ that automates the management and operations of DNS Security.
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Leverage Intel Hardware Virtualization Technology HVT™ Many Intel processors come configured with HVT™ to allow multiple and varied operating systems to execute on a single physical server. SecureMepis is HVT™ aware and can host a mix of legacy operating systems and SecureMepis on the same physical server.
Visit our server farm for a test drive, virtually We would like to invite you for an online tour to see our virtualization of operations and learn from our consolidation efforts. This is more a journey than a destination. Our research and development focus is currently on migrating existing .NET and J2EE application environments to open source frameworks on SecureMepis virtual servers..
Reduce Power Needs with Hardware Virtualization -
Data Mountain teamed with Mepis, LLC to develop the SecureMepis™ product line to reduce our own carbon footprint and save on operating costs.

Data Mountain develops, operates and manages the applications that perform over 1 Billion transactions monthly for US Federal Government and commercial customers. A SecureMepis HVT migration plan reduces IT operating expenses.

SecureMepis Virtual Computing Reduces: