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DNS Security operated in your cloud or ours in less than 1 hour.
$145 software download for up to 250 domains

Download DNSSEC Now!
Secure, Private DNSSEC Operations
Leverage your existing Bind 9.x DNS infrastructure while automating the organization and management of DNSSEC.

Graphically create and roll KSKs and ZSKs for all your domains.
The DMS Offline Signing Application puts security conscious administrators in control of their domain.

Bind 9 DNS Key Generation and Signing
The Offline Signing Application leverages the latest Bind 9.6 tools for standards compliance.

Upload or Transfer Signed Zones
Publish to Bind9 authoritative DNS servers with a single mouse click.

The DMS DNSSEC Offline Signing Application™ provides technical support and software updates for one year from purchase. Get conntrol of your DNS perimeter security without losing your IT Budget and mind. Optionally leverage our cloud computing IPv6/4 infrastructure and virtual machines to provide more operational capability with less stress.
Download the DMS Offline Signing Application and sign your .gov, .com, .net, .uk, .mil, or .org domain in 5 minutes or less -

The goal of DNSSEC is to verify the authenticity of a DNS record prior to establishing communication with a compunter or server on the internet. Our DNSSEC software package will generate and manage the difficult details of Bind 9 zone management so you can implement turn-key DNSSEC in minutes.

New v2.7 Features:
  • • RSASHA256
  • • RSASHA512
  • • Bind9 Auth Server Publishing
  • • Self-Signed DNSSEC Publishing
  • • Team Support/Central Repository
  • • Real-Time Validation Testing
  • • Version Management
  • • Rollback
  • • Windows XP/Vista/7 Desktop
  • • Linux Intranet Server License now available

Our DMS Offline Zone Signing Application™ provides the following benefits:

  • • Become US Government DNSSEC Compliant in less than 1 hour from now.

  • • Automate migration and distribution of DNS Zone updates.

  • • Keep your keys, unsigned, and signed zones organized and cataloged.

  • • Quickly Identify keys and zones that need rollover maintenance.

  • • Enable version control and rollback capability for all your zones.

  • • Learn DNS Security by signing your existing zone files.

  • • Upgrade to DMS DNSSEC services after you are familar with the process.